Study Tour

School visits
Butterfly Park Bangladesh arranges school outings all over the year.
The exhibition & stuff-guided tour is suitable from play groups.
School group visits last 45 minutes. Maximum group size is 40 pupils (at least two adult per ten children is required while the conservatory visits).

Learning themes
Explore a variety of learning themes in Butterfly Park Bangladesh including:
• Trees and plants
• habitats and homes
• reproduction, life cycles, feeding, growing
• senses and sensory perception
• variation, adaptation

Enhance your visit to Butterfly Park Bangladesh with one of our engaging tour activities featuring insects, butterflies and garden wildlife. Shows, workshops and stuffs-guided activities including:
• Butterfly Conservatory Experience
• Nature Garden Explores
• The Hungry Caterpillar & egg seeing.
• The Variety Show.
• Quiz

Butterfly events

Daytime talks
Come along to one of our butterfly-related discussions. These free talks take place in the Park Studio and are part of our daily Nature Live program.
Individual events are listed below.
Butterflies in Disguise
Meet an entomologist/expert who studies butterflies and discover some of the incredible ways they use mimicry and camouflage to survive.
Butterfly Masquerade
Meet the most interesting butterfly in the world in museum & Live of Bangladeshi.

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The Butterfly Park Bangladesh is the first butterfly Themed Park in the country. It's one of the concerns of Intraco Group, one of the largest business house in Bangladesh. The theme park is designed in a way that it captures the imagination of ardent butterflies.

Ticket Price Adult: 100 Tk. 

                  Child: 50 Tk.


Park: 9:00 AM to 11 PM

Live Butterfly Zone:
9.00 AM to 7.00 PM
We are open all round, seven days a week.